Ferrous Sulphate
Product Name:
Ferrous Sulphate

 Ferrous Sulphate

Cas NO.7782-63-0(heptahydrate ) 17375-41-6(Monohydrate)


H.S Code:2833291000

Blue green crystaline or light yellow granular or powder, ordorless,
soluble in woater,slightly soluble in alcohol ,soluble in methanol without water,
with corrosion
, easy to deliquesce and efflorescence.



Ferrous Sulphate is mineral additive in animal feed .

As a blood tonic substance to livestock.

It can stimulate the growth or animal’s body,

it can also be used to make pigment such as red ferric oxide etc.

Granular material is good fertilizer ,which can be efffectively

 improve soil ,move moss and lichen.

It is also used as pesticide for prevention of pathological changes or wheat and fruit tree.

Meanwhile it is the catalyst making plant green and important for plant absorption.

Packing& transportation

Plastic woven bag lined with plastic film bag.

Standard net weight 25kg,50kg 1000kg.

Protect from damp when transport and stock.

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